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home stagingCall Radiance Interiorscapes when you need home staging.¬†Radiance Interiorscapes began as Tree Temps back in 1988. At the beginning, it was a tree and plant rental service that provided staging for empty houses for sale. This staging included softening corner areas, accenting focal points, adding a splash of color and elegance to important features of these homes. Then, we did home staging on a showcase home for a designer using an unusually colorful and fragrant tree not typically placed in a home’s interior. Another designer was drawn to this work and as a result, requested our services staging an estate home in Atherton that was up for sale. He challenged us to work with orchids in large arrangements in the home.

The large Orchid arrangements we designed for the home in Atherton caught the attention of a young woman who only did Estate Homes. She asked us to work with her under her name exclusively. Of course, we accepted and worked with her for several years. People began to recognize the quality of work we provided, but did not know it was our work under our company brand of Tree Temp’s. Circumstances changed back in the 1990’s when the stock market dropped drastically. We once again were free to operate under our own name with any agents, designers or homeowners who requested our services. Radiance Interiorscapes now adds a new light to this venture. Words spoken by a close friend and family member now add a new dimension to carry forward.

We’ve never found a need to advertise. Word of mouth and exposure in the home-staging arena has successfully promoted our business.¬† We use floral arrangements with bromeliads and orchids, then brought in large trees as tall as 7’ to 8’ when desirable. We personally perform most of the work ourselves. It is thrilling for us to see the effects of large displays on a room, as these provide a hugging effect when you enter the room.

“My singular goal with my business is to create the ideal ambiance in homes to entice buyers to experience the possibilities as if it were their own home.”

Our Service Area

We service areas North to Burlingame and South to Aptos. Our base of operations is in Woodside, California. Radiance IS deals with real estate agents, interior designers and homeowners for the most part.


Increase Market Value

A high percentage of our clients typically are trying to sell a house and staging it correctly often increases its market value especially when it is an estate home.

  How We Work

We perform most of the staging tasks ourselves. This allows us to control the outcome and provides our clients a satisfactory experience each time. Before any home staging occurs, we meet with the homeowners, real estate agents or designers to discover what their ideas are for the home being sold. At times, a designer could be working with the homeowner or the real estate agent on the project. In this instance, we will meet with all parties to make sure everyone’s ideas are given the proper consideration. Only after this meeting will we draw out a plan for staging the house. We will provide a free quote for the home staging, which will include the cost for setting up and maintaining the plant arrangements and trees, including the containers along with the cost of removing the items once the house sells.

  • Our client’s cost is calculated on a per plant or tree basis. In the main areas, such as the living room, dining room and master bedroom, we stage using living plants.
  • We may place orchids or other floral arrangements in each of the main bathrooms for a splash of color.
  • We have a one-month minimum, which includes maintenance of the plants on a weekly basis. The charge for this servicing is $50 per week for minimum staging.

Home Staging with Radiance IS

Call Radiance IS when you need home staging. We will gladly discuss the cost, delivery and maintenance of the trees and plants that are ideal for your specific situation. We guarantee your satisfaction. Learn how natural elements used in home staging can bring about a profitable home sale for you.

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