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  From listing to sale, Radiance IS will keep your home looking beautiful. Home staging has long been up to the home seller to do on his or her own until recently. The housing market is so highly competitive today that staging homes is now a full time business.  
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  • Plants can make a room feel fresh, cozy and inviting.
  • Staging with plants allows us to easily reinvent your space.
  • With the right arrangements, plants can provide a sense of reflective tranquility.
  • With a few creative ideas from Radiance IS, we can add new charm to your foyer, living room, entryway and even bathroom.


  • A touch of green is certain to give a new dimension to your home.
  • They lend a great charm to the home and can make your potential buyers feel closer to nature.
  • Orchids are incredibly distinctive and beautiful, and can add a “pop” of color to any room.
  Home sellers contact us to help enhance a house to enable them to receive a higher selling price. This happens because staging allows potential buyers to learn how warm and inviting a house can be for them. Our services include:  

Free Quote

  • We service areas north to Burlingame and south to Aptos.
  • Before any home staging occurs, we meet with the homeowners, real estate agents or designers to discover what their ideas are for the home being sold.
  • After this meeting we will draw out a plan for staging the house. We will provide a free quote for the home staging, which will include the cost for setting up and maintaining the plant arrangements and trees.

Delivery & Set Up

  • All quotes include delivery and staging of plant materials and trees, including containers.
  • Weekly maintenance of living materials involved in the staging is included as well.
  • We use floral arrangements with bromeliads and orchids in addition to large interior trees as tall as 7’ to 8’ when desirable.
  • Main areas will be staged with plants while other rooms may receive floral arrangements for a splash of color.


  • Upon completion of sale, the cost of removal and transport of staging materials is included in your quote.
  • Radiance IS provides full service plant staging from start to finish for an easy, seamless home selling experience.
  • We perform almost all tasks personally to ensure a superior outcome for my clients.
  Increase value. Sell Faster. Contact Radiance IS today to schedule a consultation.      
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